The Rubblizer™, Question-Answer Piece with Alasdair Gordon

Deep Casing Tools Rubblizer™ was introduced to the slot recovery and plug and abandonment markets in 2019. In this question-answer piece, we explore the tools key features, it’s successful runs to date and more with Product Line Manager, Alasdair Gordon.  

The Rubblizer™ tool has been introduced to the slot recovery and plug and abandonment markets as a revolutionary tool, can you explain?

The tool is revolutionary, as it is able to temporary expand casing and de-bond the cement sheath from the casing OD and then break down its structure in a very controlled manner. Rotation, pressure and overpull simultaneously convert these actions into the temporary expansion of the casing. No shocks are propagated through the casing wall, so there is no danger of compromising the integrity of the neighbouring cement sheath in the next annulus.  

As well as aiding in the recovery of cemented casing, by reducing the Ton/Meter value required to get it back to surface, we are also investigating the use of the tool alongside Perf Wash and Cementing (PWC) technology. The idea being it increases the operational window for suitable PWC candidate wells, which before would have needed section milling to re-instate a barrier, if the cement bond was too favourable.

What are the benefits?

“It’s a very simple tool to operate. The complexity of operation is similar to that of a Hydraulic Pipe Cutter, as I said, it converts right hand rotation, pressure and overpull simultaneously to expand the casing within its elastic region. Once it does this the casing returns to its original tubular shape, so casing recovery using a spear or running a tool back down through the casing can be done with ease.” 

Has the tool had any successful runs since its introduction to market in 2019?

““To date, the Rubblizer™ has had multiple runs worldwide including within the North Sea, the US land market, China, Australia, and tools on field in Norway and the UAE. Runs for the prototype tool, through the second and third generations, now have us on the 5th generation tool. Very recently on a job in the Coal Seam Gas market, onshore Australia, we had our longest run of around 1000ft! For the tool this is a great achievement, extending tool life means we’re able to attack longer sections of cemented casing, or have multiple passes over seriously cemented intervals, which require more attention to break down the cement sheath.” 

Global operators are under increased pressure to meet their net zero objectives, how is the Rubblizer™ successfully contributing to reducing CO2 emissions?

“So, this is two-fold. Using the Rubblizer™ tool to recover casing mitigates the need for conventional pilot or milling operations, this can save the operator a considerable amount of time. An example of this can be seen in our recent runs with a Chinese operator where, across 4 runs, the Rubblizer™ took just 4 days to complete the operations compared to the 23 it would have taken to pilot or section mill (click here to find out more). This has an obvious reduction in spread rate as well as a tangible emission saving. Secondly, the effort which the drilling package will exert while milling casing as opposed to running a tool into the well and rotating, is likely to mean the generators will be working less hard and use less fuel, which also means a reduction in their overall emissions.”

What does the future hold for the Rubblizer™ tool?

We’ve seen an increase in demand for our 9-5/8” Rubblizer tool. It’s getting more runs and working effectively alongside other Fishing and Milling and Perf, Wash and Cement service providers. It’s continuing to showcase its benefits, aiding in operations, and helping operators save time and money. With a view to integrate the tool into different Cut and Pull / PWC BHA’s.   

Expansion of tool size means we now have a 13-3/8” tool in the UK ready and waiting for its first field trial with a major operator in the North Sea. An exciting time for the tool as we expand our service offerings to help raise the profile of the Rubblizer.”


To find out more about the Rubblizer tool, including detailed specifications, click here. Or you can contact Alasdair Gordon directly by email on alasdair@deepcasingtools.com.