Casing Cement Breaker

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Casing Cement Breaker
Casing Cement Breaker™ is an industry first. It uses simple pressure and rotation to manipulate the existing casing strings, breaking down the bond between cement and casing. This makes it easier to remove the casing quickly and efficiently. In fact, early results show that up to 90% less force is required to pull a casing following a run with the Casing Cement Breaker™.

Key benefits:

  • Greater efficiency and success rates compared to cut & pull and perf & wash
  • Significant time savings and increased economic recovery of reserves
  • Enables better casing pulling and more effective perf & wash
  • Enables longer sections of casing to be pulled reducing trips in and out of the hole
  • Avoids the need for costly milling operation and subsequent lost time issues
  • Rental product
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