The track record of Deep Casing Tools speaks for itself – with over 500 tools sold to customers in every corner of the globe, and a near-perfect installation success rate.

Today, our underlying ‘triple three’ strategy for delivering strong sustainable growth sees the business focused on three key geographical areas – North America, the UKCS, and the Middle East. Major clients include Saudi Aramco, operators such as BP, Shell, Total and Equinor, and Tier 1 contractors such as Haliburton and Schlumberger.

While the Middle East is our biggest market today, we continue to maintain a global presence through alliances with the likes of ProTorque in Canada, NOV in Norway, EFTECH in Malaysia, R&D Solutions in Australia, Paschoalin in Brazil and InPo in Mexico. These partnerships also provide access to a network of local facilities in addition to our head office and workshop in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Africa: Omasup Energy Services Limited understand client well issues and serve as a research partner through collaboration to provide engineering solutions.

Africa: Africa Oil Well Technology is an oilfield services company committed to investing in the people of Africa, whilst delivering best-in-class service quality and safety to clients.

Australia: R&D Solutions is a wholly owned oil, gas and renewable energies equipment and services provider based in Perth, Western Australia.

Brazil: Paschoalin works closely with international energy companies to help them enter and navigate the Brazilian market, specifically oil and gas technology firms

Canada: ProTorque provides industry-leading service, products & technologies for rig level tubular installation.

Kuwait: KHUFF Energy Services is one of the top providers of oil field services in the Middle East, established in 1997 in Kuwait.

Malaysia: EFTECH is a leading provider of Process and Pipeline Services to the domestic & international oil and gas industry based in Kemaman District, Malaysia.

Mexico: Innovaciones Petroleras Omega (InPo) provides support to companies using experienced personnel to develop projects in Mexico. 

Norway: NOV provides oilfield equipment, technologies, and expertise that answer the challenges of oil and gas customers worldwide.

Oman: Strategic Oil and Gas Services provides the oil and gas industry with a diversified range of products through international branded suppliers.

Qatar: Jadiah Energy is recognized as a key supplier & services provider in Qatar's dominant oil & gas industries.

Saudi Arabia: GO Tech is a specialized technology company providing products and services to Saudi Aramco and Major Service Providers.

UAE: Consolidated Suppliers is a diversified oilfield services and supply provider involved in trading and representing international manufacturers in the local market.