96 24
75 %

72 Hours Saved

Ensure casings reach TD, negates the risk of landing casings high, pulling and re-running.

$800,000 $300,000
65 %
Cost Savings

$500,000 Saved

3 days saves on a typical offshore well results in around $600,000 saved.

4 1
75 %
More Efficient


Increase efficiency by 75% by landing casings as planned with no time losses.

TurboCaser™ is a high-speed, turbine-powered casing running system designed to address these challenges. It helps drilling teams to land casings and intermediate liners at target depth in even the most complex wells. The unique drillable turbine can be drilled through in minutes, after normal cementation, in one cost effective operation, allowing the same bottom-hole assembly to immediately drill ahead through the next section.

Key benefits:

  • High speed reaming system which lands casing and liners on depth
  • No need to rotate the casing or liner reducing potential equipment damage
  • Eliminates wiper trips and open hole exposure time
  • Cost effect drill through and drill ahead capabilities

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MechLOK Drill Pipe Swivel

48 24
50 %

24 Hours Saved

Using the MechLOK Swivel guarantees getting to target depth safely on the first attempt.

$1,000,000 $550,000
45 %
Cost Savings

$450,000 Saved

By running a completion or liner in and ERD well in half the time.

3 1
66 %
Less Risk

Reduced HSE Exposure

Personnel injury risk drops dramatically due to the minimal manpower requirement.

MechLOK Drill Pipe Swivel
MechLOK Drill Pipe Swivel™ is the world’s first mechanically lockable Drill Pipe Swivel. It allows the drill pipe to be rotated independently of the work-string resulting in reduced drag, redistributed friction and mitigation of helical buckling. This, in turn, allows increased weight at the tool to help push the liner string into the well to target depth. This unique tool can be locked at any time, removes any hydraulic concerns, and also reduces the risk of injury during completions, as less manpower is required on the rig floor.

Key benefits:

  • Locked tool can be rotated to the right or left in tension or compression
  • Reduces need for heavyweight drill pipe or collars
  • Protects items from potentially harmful torque
  • Immediate locking enables mechanical release of setting tools when required
  • No ball drop, no hydraulic concerns
  • Rental product

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