Welcome Malcolm Speagell: Well Engineering Manager at Deep Casing Tools

We are thrilled to introduce Deep Casing Tools new Well Engineering Manager, Malcolm Speagell, who brings over two decades of extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge to the team. We spoke to Malcolm about his impressive background and what excites him about joining Deep Casing Tools.

Tell us about your background and experience in the field of well engineering?

“My career in well engineering began in 2001, and since then I have been actively involved within the oil and gas industry, with the first four years of my career working offshore. In 2005, I transitioned to an office-based role, where I explored various disciplines in drilling, including the management of pressure drilling, well control, drilling optimisation, and drilling engineering advisory. My knowledge in the field has equipped me with the skills and insights necessary for the role of Well Engineering Manager at Deep Casing Tools, I’m excited to see what 2024 brings in this new role with the company as I continue to contribute positively to the success of the team.”

What attracted you to Deep Casing Tools, and what excites you most about joining the team?

“What excites me most about starting at Deep Casing Tools is the new challenge ahead. Casing tools is a domain that I haven’t experienced before, I’m looking forward to utilising the skills I’ve gained within the industry to date and applying these to the well engineering role at Deep Casing Tools.

The size of the team was also a factor in the attraction to the company. I enjoy a more intimate and direct collaboration among a smaller team where it is easier to communicate, share ideas, and work together towards common company goals.”

What are your initial goals and objectives for your role as Well Engineering Manager at Deep Casing Tools?

“My initial role is learning about the intricacies of the position and actively contributing to the success of the team. I am focused on executing tasks with high output and quality and am eager to make a significant impact on ongoing operations.”

What one item of valuable information have you learned since starting at Deep Casing Tools?

“When I started around a month ago, I made it my priority to get to know Deep Casing Tools suite of innovative technologies including the MechLOK and variations, MechLOK-T and MechLOK-R, the Rubblizer, TurboCaser and TurboRunner. It was in my first week I gained valuable insights into these tools where the workshop team offered hands-on experience, I was able to witness the assembly process and gain a better understanding of how these tools operate. With this first-hand knowledge I can make more informed future decisions within my new role at Deep Casing Tools.”

What does Deep Casing Tools tagline of “Simple, Sustainable Innovation” mean to you?

“From day one in the role it was clear to see how much Deep Casing Tools prides itself on providing “Simple, Sustainable Innovation”. To me this statement means bringing new, easy to use technologies to the market that people might not have known they needed. I commend the impressive ability that a small company such as Deep Casing Tools possesses, how they produce such groundbreaking technologies that continue to contribute positively to the industry’s progress.”

Join us in welcoming Malcolm Speagell to Deep Casing Tools! With his wealth of experience and passion for innovation, we are excited to see the positive impact he will bring to the team and the field of well engineering. Stay tuned for more updates, follow our LinkedIn page for more details