Scott Chisholm, Production and Operations Coordinator

You’re Production and Operations Coordinator at Deep Casing Tools, what do you enjoy most about this position?

“I like that my position is fast-paced, I’m always busy, there’s always something to do whether that’s organising the booking of individual items into stock or making kits for assembly builds. More specifically however, I enjoy conducting training for the young guys within the workshop. I organise and implement all training for the workshop team, seeing how the guys grow and develop within the company is a big part of what I enjoy most about my position. And of course, I get great job satisfaction when our completed tools get shipped out to our worldwide customers, it’s a great sense of achievement knowing that I and the workshop team worked on those tools from start to finish.”

What is the most interesting project you’ve worked on to date at Deep Casing Tools?

“In March this year, alongside Andrew Kennedy, Design Engineer at Deep Casing Tools, we conducted flow tests on our next generation TCE tool at local testing facility. The test included the use of different rotor and stator designs, helping the company define an outlook for future development of the tool. Given the fantastic opportunity to be involved in the testing of our tools was something new and exciting, out of the ordinary from my day-to-day tasks, that’s the reason why I’d put this project up there as one of the most interesting.”

How has your career evolved at Deep Casing Tools since starting in May 2019?

“When starting the position in 2019 I was originally employed as Workshop Supervisor. Over time I started to get more involved in the operation and coordination side of the workshop. This resulted in a natural progression into the position I’m in now, Production and Operations Coordinator. Since starting the new position in February this year I’ve enjoyed tasks such as organising goods in, performing quality control checks on parts and documentation and the coordination of outside processes such as torquing, NDT inspections, machined components and shot blasting.”

How did you get started in the oil and gas industry?

“Originally, I wanted to get into the construction industry, completing my NC in Construction and my HND in Construction Management. Upon finishing my college courses, I quickly discovered that my job prospects within the construction industry were very limited in Inverness. At that time, it so happened to be that my Dad’s friend was looking for trainee technicians for a company in Aberdeen who specialise in commercial and military diving equipment. I snapped up the chance and became a trainee technician at the company, promoted to Senior Technician shortly afterwards. In 2011, I started in the oil and gas sector as Technician for a controls technology company, assembling and testing downhole sampling equipment. I was then promoted to Production Team Lead where I supervised the workshop staff. In 2019 I started looking for a new challenge at a different company and joined Deep Casing Tools.”