Meet New Addition to the Deep Casing Tools Team: Fidan, Finance Assistant

The Deep Casing Tools team continues to grow. We are excited to announce that last week, Fidan Fyvie started with the company and joins the team as Finance Assistant. Fidan’s arrival is a testament to our commitment to building a strong, talented, and diverse team that continue to contribute to the company’s growth and ongoing success. 

Fidan's Background

Fidan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our finance team. With a degree in Finance Economics and several years of experience working within the financial sector, Fidan is well-equipped to contribute to Deep Casing Tools ongoing financial success. Fidan graduated in Finance Economics from Azerbaijan State Economic University after spending five years between working towards her degree and working part-time to support her family. From graduation to her first job within the financial sector as Lead Accountant Administrator she has focused her skills on financial analysis, reporting, and managing financial transactions to get to where she is today at Deep Casing Tools. A valuable asset, her background and experience within the sector has already proved a benefit to the finance department within her first week of employment.

What Fidan Brings to Deep Casing Tools

Financial expertise: Fidan’s strong foundation in finance will enable her to assist in financial operations effectively within the company. Her attention to detail and go get it attitude will ensure that all tasks allocated will be completed to the highest standard.

Problem-solving skills: Fidan has a solid track record of tackling complex financial challenges. A valuable trait, she will help make informed decisions and optimise financial processes for the continued growth of the company.   

Team player: From the moment of her interview to her first day with the company it was clear that Fidan posses a collaborative nature, aligning well with the company’s culture. She has shown that she is eager to support the collective goals of Deep Casing Tools, displaying her enthusiasm to work alongside different departments within the company, helping where she can.  

Innovation: Innovation is a key component in the company’s success, Fidan’s fresh perspective will undoubtedly bring new ideas and solutions to the table.

Fidan's Role in Deep Casing Tools

Just one week in, Fidan is still finding her feet within the company but has already established key finance-related tasks that she’s prepared to face head on:

  • Assisting in financial record-keeping and reporting.
  • Supporting the finance team in budgeting and forecasting.
  • Collaborating with other departments to ensure financial compliance and efficiency.
  • Contribute to financial analysis and decision-making processes.

Fidan’s role will be instrumental in ensuring that financial operations run smoothy, allowing the team to focus on the core mission of delivering cutting-edge technologies to the energy sector.  

Fidan's Vision for Deep Casing Tools

“I was attracted to Deep Casing Tools mainly because it’s a small company. On my first day everyone was so welcoming and friendly, I felt settled straight away. I can see myself growing with the company. Already after just one week confidence in myself and my abilities has developed thanks to the support and help from my colleagues, Donna and Phil who have made me feel valued, like I have a secure place here with the company. I’m hoping for a big future at Deep Casing Tools.”

Welcome to the Team!

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Fidan as she starts a new venture with us here at Deep Casing Tools. Her expertise, dedication, and passion for finance will play a vital role in helping the company achieve all financial objectives and continue our mission of providing simple, sustainable innovations to the global energy market.

Stay tuned on our LinkedIn page for more updates about not only our valued employees but how we and our technologies continue to contribute positively to the energy sector.