David Charles, Well Engineer

What motivates you as Well Engineer at Deep Casing Tools?

“I know the importance of getting a well finish. At the end of the day if you can’t get your casing, your liner, your completion into the ground, you’ve failed. The products and services at Deep Casing Tools are helping operators globally finish a well. Getting operators over that final hurdle is critical especially in ERD and complex wells. This is what motivates me from a professional point of view, we have the technologies at Deep Casing Tools to assist companies, tools that provide the complete solution across the drilling and completion cycle, helping drilling and completion engineers finish their wells.”  

What originally attracted you to the role of Well Engineer at Deep Casing Tools?

“Deep Casing Tools were selling TurboCaser™ and TurboRunner™ tools to one of the largest oil companies in the world based in Abu Dubai and still do. That’s how I came to know about the company, I became interested in who they were and what they were achieving in the Middle East, especially the benefits those tools were delivering to the area.  

Early discussions with David Stephenson, CEO at Deep Casing Tools, revealed the strength of the company. Their mission was to expand their portfolio, it wasn’t just going to be about the TurboCaser™ and TurboRunner™ but also the MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel, the Rubblizer™ and the SelfLOK™. This is what mainly attracted me to the role, to be part of a company that was striving to expand their portfolio. To achieve such expansion effectively they needed an applications engineer focus that they didn’t have previously. I was happy to fill that role.

I’ve always enjoyed doing well engineering in particular the applications side of things, where I am heavily involved in torque and drag and hydraulics. Comparing my simulations with what actually happens on a well, that’s always been something that I’ve really enjoyed from a technical side and was more than happy to take my experience to the new role at Deep Casing Tools.”

What projects have you favoured working on to date?

"I would pick two. The first would be when we successfully deployed the TurboCaser™ for a major UAE oil company. It reamed through four tight spots to get 9-5/8” casing into the ground. This achievement got us qualified with the major UAE oil company. For this operation I completed all hydraulics modelling and was available for operational support, viewed as they drilled with the tool in real time alongside Callum Law, Operations Supervisor at Deep Casing Tools.

The second would be a recent job with the MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel that took place off Western Australia for a major offshore Australian operator. For this operation I completed all torque and drag modelling for this complex tri-lateral ERD well.”

What advice would you give someone who is interested in well engineering?

“First of all, get yourself a good MSc from a good university. You need that to get started. It isn’t necessary to be hired and start working for an operator straight away after graduating. I would always advise getting started on a rig, doesn’t matter what you do on there what matters is you get the experience and learn about how rigs work and how they operate. Do that for a year or two with a service company and then think about getting into an oil company. The reason behind this is when you start training with an oil company you will already have a sound understanding of the industry, this will put you in a far better position.”