Turbine powered

Completion reaming system

Completion reaming system

The Turborunner™ is a high-speed reaming system that enables Completions teams to land completions at target depth and safeguard valuable completion assemblies.

The unique design combines high speed rotational reaming with very low operation pressure and completely isolates the downhole assembly from the dynamics and vibrations of the reamer shoe. This allows the turbine to slow or even stall without any reactive mechanical torque or uncontrolled pressure spikes being transferred to the completion or the liner hanger.

There is no need to rotate the completion string, protecting low-torque or low strength completion equipment.

A rugged and reliable tool, the Turborunner™ ensures completions access all planned reserves whilst significantly reducing Flat Time and the risk of off-depth completions.

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The benefits

  • No pressure spikes – protecting the liner hanger

    Benefit 1
  • Provides the wiper trip while running the completion

    Benefit 2
  • Low vibration – protecting completion components

    Benefit 3
  • Open flow motor – reducing surge

    Benefit 4
  • Low flow rate - minimizing ECD

    Benefit 5
  • Lands the completion on depth

    Benefit 6
  • High dog leg capability

    Benefit 7
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Our technology in action...

Turborunner 500:

Turborunner 500:

Rig Floor Test before RIH

Turborunner rig floor test in the Middle East to check rotation, pressures and bearing lubrication.

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Technical Specifications

General characteristics

Top Sub OD A: 5.000" / 127.00mm
Body OD ØB: 4.921" / 125.00mm
Stabilizer OD C: 5.844" / 148.43mm
Reamer Bit OD D: Client specified
Overall Length E: 9.410ft / 2.87m
Tool weight: 344lb / 156kg
Top Connection: Client specified
Dog Leg Severity: 32° 100ft / 32° 30m
Burst Disc Flow Area: 1.49in² / 962mm²

General characteristics

Top Sub OD A: 7.644" / 194.15mm
Body OD ØB: 7.087" / 180.00mm
Stabilizer OD C: 8.219" / 208.76mm
Reamer Bit OD D: Client specified
Overall Length E: 9.030ft / 2.75m
Tool weight: 712lb / 323kg
Top Connection: Client specified
Max Dog Leg Severity: 39° 100ft / 39° 30m
Burst Disc Flow Area: 1.49in² / 962mm²
Case study / 17th Dec 2015
Turborunner™ - 3 bakken wells

Turborunners eliminate wiper trips and successfully land complex multi stage FRAC liner assemblies on 3 Bakken wells.

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