Interview with Edward Kerr, DCT Global Sales Manager

Meet Edward Kerr, our new Global Sales Manager. Ed will focus on driving tool sales and business development across key international regions, bringing awareness to our suite of well life cycle innovations.

With over 14 year’s industry experience under his belt, Ed specialises in completions, workovers, wellbore construction, well intervention, slot recovery and well abandonment. During his time at Baker Hughes, Ed worked his way up from an Aberdeen-based Completions Field Engineer, to a Country Product Line Manager focussed on completion and wellbore intervention based in Kuwait.


What attracted you to work for Deep Casing Tools?

Its technology suite was key. In a customer facing position, it is weight of confidence knowing that you are representing proven technologies with global appeal and a best-in-class field record. With my experience focused on field operations of liner hanger and completion systems, I feel well placed to plug and play to deliver value to the end user, and to the continued growth of Deep Casing Tools.


Name your top three career highlights

My first day on the job, must be number one. The excitement of joining a global industry with a bounty of opportunities to travel the world, is something I feel proud and fortunate to have grasped at every chance.

Second would be leading an incredibly talented young team in Thailand, where we outperformed our regional peers and competition. We were focussed on the delivery of highly efficient completion system deployments and well abandonment operations in the Gulf of Thailand.  I learned so much culturally around respect and 'bhun khun' from my team members that serve me well to this day.

My third highlight would have to be supporting a breakthrough technology project in Brunei. We did this remotely and with a small but tight knit 'squad', running between machine shops and the customers office doing what we had to do! There is theme here and it is all about the people you are with. People make career highlights.


During your time at Baker Hughes and Ardyne Technologies you worked across the globe, from Asia Pacific to the Middle East. What’s one consistent trend you see across well life cycle technology engineering, no matter the region?

The well-planned application of an appropriate technology always drives incremental results, regardless of region, culture, well formation or stage in a well’s life cycle. Selecting and implementing the right solution after a sound technical review and operational risk assessment is at the core of good engineering and business. 


Business development has been at the heart of your previous positions. Which part of your job as a Sales Manager to you enjoy most?

Again, it all boils down to people. If you can actively listen from first introduction and onwards through a business relationship, then you have a high chance of succeeding and ensuring a satisfied long-term partner.

If you can help efficiently understand and then promptly resolve a partner’s challenge, it’s a highly rewarding win-win. 


With the global pandemic still in full swing, are you noticing a change in demand for drilling technologies as a result of the coronavirus?

Innovative technologies are evergreen and in demand more than ever as operators seek to reduce their overall lift costs and emissions. Since getting on seat here, new enquires from Australia, Brazil, Japan, Kuwait, Turkey, Malaysia, Mexico, and the UAE have come through, and we continue to receive new enquiries daily from across the globe.


As net zero targets loom, the oil and gas industry is under increased pressure to keep emissions low. How are you seeing oilfield service companies adapt to the energy transition?
We view ourselves firmly as a technology provider aiding net zero goal ambitions by providing technology that reduces the overall energy spend and emissions, both in the completion and the abandonment of wells. Technology was at the heart of the industrial revolution and will play a similar core role as we transition to a low carbon future.


Deep Casing Tools was founded on the philosophy of ‘Simple Innovation’. What does that mean to you?
I really do like this one. The simplicity of the statement reflects our company’s business model as much as it does our technologies.

We are here to provide simple, reliable, field proven technologies like the TurboRunner and TurboCaser, while also driving the development of new market innovations such as the MechLOK Drill Pipe Swivel, SelfLOK Floatation device and Casing Cement Breaker. Using simple and robust tool design enables us to bring technologies to market faster, and ensures our customers achieve efficient results every time.

Keeping it simple is sound advice through all walks of life, and constant innovation ensures we are moving forward and staying dynamic. We are continuously evolving and always looking ahead to deliver new solutions and tools.


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