Rafael Villa de Santana, Engineering Manager

You’re Engineering Manager at Deep Casing Tools, what do you like best about this position?

The opportunity to bring new technologies to market is great fun. I enjoy the process of testing and troubleshooting the tools until they are of optimal quality. It’s a great sense of achievement seeing the tools leave our workshop here in Aberdeen as they travel for ongoing operations around the globe for valued customers. I also enjoy the freedom from senior management to do my job, displays trust in my abilities which to date hasn’t been misplaced.

What have been your biggest accomplishments within the company?

There are three accomplishments that stick out since starting with the company in 2020:

  • My involvement in the development of the Rubblizer™ tool, witnessing the technology complete two successful field trials so far as it continues its journey to commercialisation.
  • The commercialisation of the MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel, with the help of our great applications team.
  • Readying the SelfLOK™ Flotation Device for field trials. 

What projects have you favoured working on to date?

Working on the Rubblizer™ tool has been my favourite. It’s exciting to know that the tool is a unique piece of technology, there is minimum industry knowledge on its design, it is 100% Deep Casing Tools technology.

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How have you grown professionally whilst working at Deep Casing Tools?

I have 15 years’ experience in Research and Development for SMEs within the oil and gas industry, specifically in drilling and completions. I took this experience to my new position at Deep Casing Tools who gave me the opportunity to fill a management role in 2020. New to a management role, I have learnt a lot over the past couple of years, supervising a team of engineers is new to me but brings so much job satisfaction.