We are looking for a Regional Manager to be based in Saudi Arabia. View the full job specification and details on how to apply below.



To maintain a strong presence in the Middle East region, based in Saudi Arabia, with complete focus on revenue growth. To identify new relationships and build upon current relationships, providing technical support whilst having a strong hold on all commercial aspects of the business. To ensure Deep Casing Tools fully complies with the client and contractual expectations, and that functional and technical requirements are met in full. This position carries full commercial, operational, P&L & ERP implementation responsibility for the area.

  • Minimum of 15 years of subsurface field experience preferably in completions and casing running
  • Ability to drive revenue growth and demonstrate historical success
  • Proven in budget preparation, detailed monthly sales forecasting – revenue and costs sales plan, contribution to strategies and company initiatives
  • Proven ability to ‘drop down pegs’ and continue the sales push alongside the sales department. Senior position does not entail lesser client time
  • Proven experience in the ME, predominantly Saudi and UAE to build on business to date
  • Strong songbook of Saudi and ME contacts
  • Track record of working with agents and partners
  • Experienced in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
  • Demonstrate operational experience through willingness to run tools and compile reports
  • Proven experience for papers and tool run case studies



  • Manage and develop all aspects of Deep Casing Tools' business in the ME with key focus on revenue growth
  • Complete understanding and control of all commercial/financial metrics of the ME business
  • Prepare detailed monthly sales forecasts – revenues and costs
  • Develop budgets, sales plans and contribute to strategies and company initiatives where applicable
  • Continue the sales push alongside the sales department. Senior position does not entail lesser client time
  • Concerted effort in the UAE to build on business to date
  • Drive sales & marketing of Deep Casing Tools' product portfolio for the specified applications
  • Develop new business for current and future products and services portfolio, working closely with qualification and development groups
  • Manage the overall preparation and submission of all commercial requisitions, ensuring accuracy and transparency of partners input
  • Ensure invoice procedures for both sales and service are carried out consistently, making sure partners are keeping the company up to date
  • Ensure contractual requirements are being upheld in conjunction with partners, including, but not limited to: forecast control, inventory fulfillment, full supply chain management and commercial
  • Ensure partner operational & commercial files are up to date
  • Specific to Saudi: ensure CPA IKTVA requirements are being upheld in conjunction with our partners, including, but not limited to: headcount, manufacturing, local supply chain and country initiative requirements
  • Ensure ERP/Dynamics is used to its fullest capability and procedures are being followed as per work instructions, including, but not limited to: sales entries, operations entries & contractual entries
  • Ensure operations are completing EOW reports correctly and all information is being captured in Dynamics
  • Manage job bonus payment procedure – EOW reports need to be completed in full prior to job bonus payments
  • Ensure weekly reports are completed correctly in required format
  • Lead the compilation of successful and meaningful tool run case studies
  • Manage competitor activity – compile activity report and financial information
  • Manage Intellectual Property where applicable
  • Provide comprehensive technical support throughout client infrastructure
  • Provide after sales support as required
  • Work closely with, communicate, and support engineering and supply chain where necessary
  • Manage and nurture partner relationships, always involving them where applicable
  • Manage operations personnel in Saudi and ensure procedures are being followed and job reports are being completed prior to bonus payments
  • Constantly assess manpower requirements based on operational activity
  • If required, be willing to run tools and equipment in the field on a last man out basis
  • Manage and implement better pre-job application engineering
  • Providing remote operational support if required
  • Provide product feedback to technology/engineering for improvement


Job context, main activities and scope

  • Continue to spearhead sales and maintain current level of interaction. Facetime is of utmost importance but given current global situation, ensure you are being proactive and are showing a controlled, systematic way of developing of the business. Where possible, meetings are always important so this interaction remains priority
  • Develop and implement a sales plan and work with sales manager to align to the same objectives
  • Understand full SCM process – Be able to demonstrate knowledge and maintain SCM records by means of Dynamics and procedures in place
  • Understand how Go Tech (GT) is involved physically and commercially
  • Liaise with GT team so they can influence key personnel when challenges are met
  • Complete financial management of the Middle East business, from forecasting and budgeting, through to detailed P&L control
  • Ensure all financial procedures are adhered to by partners – invoicing is ever critical and constant visibility is needed, both from email updates and shared system files. It is imperative that every time an invoice is issued from GT to Aramco, Deep Casing Tools is copied in, informed, and information is captured on the system
  • Manage the P&L, manage and oversee SCM costs, and potential base/office developments, in line with potential cost claw back from GT within the CPA contract. Review and control personnel expenses
  • Strengthen the operations department from knowledge perspective, through to documentation and reporting. Development of the field engineers, ensuring sufficient training and competency is in place
  • Build & manage both the operations and sales teams. For sales, ensure current manager fully understands the importance of face time and spending time away from the office. Enforce CVR and KPI requirements for sales manager. For operations, personnel need to be proactive with job reports and ensure Dynamics operations register is kept up to date
  • HR management of old and new team – Ensure all aspects are managed. Critical that appraisals are completed each year. Encourage individuals to appraise themselves and then you appraise them
  • Work closely with GT to gain a stronger understanding of how we make this work with respect to our submission for the CPA
  • ERP/Dynamics system usage and reporting - Ensure all reports and data is correctly compiled & compliant with HQ expectations, including Sharepoint
  • Further develop strong bonds with client drilling engineering teams in order to understand their requirements
  • Continue to identify feasibility of where and when Deep Casing Tools' technology will be of added value
  • Faster, stronger push into qualification departments with respect to the Deep Casing Tools' technology funnel. Movement is needed on new technology, especially given upcoming portfolio
  • Ensure all technical aspects of Deep Casing Tools' products and services are explained and understood by key decision makers within client organisations
  • Assist with compilation of real results relevant to technology and local market. Enlisting client participation is required if used in public domain
  • Ensure connections within the client media department when approval is required for media announcements
  • Ensure products and services are marketed, positioned and understood by key decision makers within client organisations
  • Feedback customer information, intelligence, requirements and requests to relevant management in a timely manner
  • Competitor Information – Work to obtain better clarity on competitor activity and commercial insights
  • Recommend and participate in industry trade shows and relevant technical associations or committees, workshops, SPE industry groups etc



  • Reasonable care to be taken for the health and safety of the job holder, and others who may be affected by his/her actions or inactions at work
  • Implicit within this duty is the requirement to take positive steps to understand and mitigate the hazards in the workplace and comply with safety rules and procedures
  • Present company's QHSE policies and procedures, both in the client office and on location
  • Safeguard product quality whilst running operations in the field


Relationship interfaces

  • Senior management
  • Sales
  • Agency/partners
  • UK operations
  • UK engineering
  • UK support


Knowledge and skills

  • Strong team player
  • Committed
  • Experience of client interaction and ability to work without prompting
  • Be proactive and communicate development ideas as relevant
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Logical, methodical and results driven
  • Broad and advanced knowledge of company policy, products, services and operations
  • Self-confidence and motivation, decisiveness, flexibility, sound business judgment, and determination
  • Ability to demonstrate a 'never know when you are beaten' attitude
  • Basic computer and intermediate presentation skills
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure
  • Ability to handle stress and more importantly, know when to seek assistance if workload proves too much
  • A highly effective communicator with proven communications skills and able to influence at the highest levels


Required experience

  • 10 years mid tier management, Saudi based
  • 10 years rig site experience
  • Proven and successful track record with service companies in previous assignments/designations
  • Knowledge of both drilling and completions equipment an advantage
  • Saudi and MER countries network
  • Willing to travel internationally
  • Able to work to tight deadlines and budget


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