Interview with Alan Glen, Product Line Manager at DCT

What do you enjoy most about your position as Product Line Manager at Deep Casing Tools?

“I would say the technical and commercial challenges that come with bringing new technologies to the market. As Product Line Manager I am very hands on, from building and running tools during testing, stripping the tools down and working with our Design Engineers on improvements, solving any issues we encounter along the way. I also enjoy the technical sales side of the job, presenting the benefits of Deep Casing Tools technologies and the cost savings they provide.”

Name your top 3 career highlights?

“The first would be the acceptance for a position into Fishing, Milling and P&A. I was trained up despite having only a short period of offshore experience.

I’ll always remember what secured this position, I was on the John Shaw, breaking out casing, we were on board before they had started the cut and pull, and I met one of the Fishing Hands on night shift. I started helping, initially with tools in a basket until, he told me what he was doing and explained the BHA he was running. I was fascinated and throughout the whole trip when I wasn’t breaking out casing, I was working alongside the Fishing Hands helping where I could. About a week later, I was asked by Jamie, who at the time, was the Fishing Manager if I would be interested in joining the department. I was contracted there and then. The position was onshore, offshore and warehouse whilst training and loved it! I was lucky to learn from the best Fishing Hands in the industry and just two weeks in, I was sent out as a trainee, pulling a completion.

The best I could ask from my career is to complete a job from start to finish without any hiccups along the way. Which brings me onto my next career highlight, I was responsible for planning and executing a well abandonment campaign for a major client. This was completed without any incidents or down time, both the client and I were very happy to say the least.

Lastly, my final career highlight would have to be my involvement in the Casing Cement Breaker (CCB) tool as Product Line Manager at Deep Casing Tools. The development of new technologies for the oil and gas industry first drew me to the position in September 2019. Since then, I have primarily been involved in the building and development of the CCB, the newest technology to be added to Deep Casing Tool’s existing suite of products. This exciting opportunity has further increased my skillset and experience in the field, developing downhole tool applications is what I enjoy.”

What motivates you in your position at Deep Casing Tools?

“My biggest motivation here at Deep Casing Tools is being part of the commercialisation process. Witnessing tools in the field working and knowing that I was part of that is a good sense of achievement. As is the provision of sought-after attributes within the energy sector today, reducing rig time pulling casing and reaching target depths first time for example which ultimately lowers the cost of well abandonment and carbon emissions, providing a more sustainable future for our children.”

What has been your favourite project so far at Deep Casing Tools?

“My favourite project at Deep Casing Tools to date has to be working on, as mentioned before, the building and development of the Casing Cement Breaker. Working alongside the engineering team, my involvement with the CCB has varied throughout the process; from building and stripping the prototype tools, directing, and overseeing all testing to writing procedures and tool lists for offshore trial wells.

Working on this project has brought much job satisfaction, knowing it, along with many other tools at DCT, is going to contribute positively to the energy transition, helping companies around the globe reach their net zero targets."

Deep Casing Tools have the philosophy of “Simple, Sustainable, Innovation”. What does this mean to you?

“At Deep Casing Tools, our goal is not to try and reinvent the wheel but to make the wheel turn smoother. My background is originally in downhole fishing tools, which are traditionally very simple technologies that have not been over-engineered. I brought this experience to Deep Casing Tools, taking inspiration from the tool designs in the fishing industry and applying these to the suite of technologies we have here at DCT.”