Finalists at the Northern Star Business Awards 2023

Deep Casing Tools have been shortlisted as finalists at the Northern Star Business Awards 2023 under category, “Inspiration from Innovation. Delighted to be shortlisted, the team’s application focused on the design and development of the Rubblizer™ tool.

In 2019, recognising the need for unique solutions across the well life cycle, Deep Casing Tools expanded their offerings into decommissioning with the Rubblizer™ tool. Within the last decade we have witnessed a shift within the oil and gas market where investors, consumers and operators who engage with the oil gas supply chain want to see a clear commitment and action to help reduce emissions and reach a net zero target. The introduction of the Rubblizer™ into our innovative suite of technologies demonstrates our dedication to helping global operators reach their net zero targets It’s reducing rig time by up to ten days saving at least 3,000MT CO2 on an offshore platform, 700MT CO2 on an offshore semi-submersible platform and 300MT CO2 on a land rig.  It continues to challenge conventional thinking within the industry, producing positive commercial results and helping global customers reach their net zero targets.

Read on to discover more about the Rubblizer™ tool.

What is the Rubblizer™?

The award-winning Rubblizer™ can transform both plug and abandonment and slot recovery. The tool improves efficiency and predictability of cut and pull, perf and wash and perf and squeeze operations with trial results shown up to 90% less force is required to pull casing.

How does it work?

Using simple pressure and rotation to manipulate existing casing strings, the Rubblizer™ breaks the bond between cement and casing, effectively rubblizing the cement behind the casings. This makes removing casing quicker and more efficient, avoiding the need for costly milling operation and subsequent lost time issues, guaranteeing pulling success rates.

The Rubblizer™ can be partnered with existing technologies to enhance plug and abandonment capabilities. It can be used to complement existing cutting, pulling, and jacking technology to reduce cost and uncertainty when removing casing. It also proves to be an excellent addition to perf, wash and plug technology, raising success rates and assuring adequate wash for post-job cement integrity.

Its key benefits

  • Greater efficiency and success rates compared to conventional cut & pull and perf & wash
  • Enables longer sections of casing to be pulled reducing time and trips in and out of hole
  • Enables predictable perf & wash and reliable perf & squeeze operations
  • Avoids the need for costly milling operation and subsequent lost time issues
  • Compliments current tool offerings for Fishing/P&A/ Slot Recovery Service Providers
  • Does not transmit any shocks and vibrations up-hole
  • Simple to operate

Recent success

As part of a slot recovery project for a major Chinese operator, the Deep Casing Tools Rubblizer™ was successfully deployed to enable 676ft of 9-5/8” 47lb/ft casing to be removed.

The tool was successfully operated across a 526ft section of 9-5/8” casing, rubblizing the cement behind the casing, breaking the bond and structure. In doing so, the pull force required to pull the casing was reduced by up to 90%. This single run saved the operator 7 days rig time, when compared to the conventional option of pilot milling.

Read more from the Rubblizer™ case study within the Asia Pacific region, click here.

Expansion into Multiple Markets

In addition to sustainable P&A activity, the innovative technology behind the Rubblizer™ tool can be extended into the markets of slot recovery, geothermal and perf and wash.

Slot Recovery:

Using our Rubblizer™ tool within the slot recovery market will save operators time resulting in a significant increase in money saved. The tool can be utilised to extend the field life of many wells across the globe sustainably improving field economics and increasing hydrocarbon recovery factors efficiently.


The Rubblizer™, in future, will be used to access geothermal energy, adequately tapping into an unlimited heat source found underground. Such sources will then be used to generate energy for our homes and businesses without the creation of greenhouse gas emissions.

Perf and Wash:

The Ruibblizer™ tool can be partnered with existing technologies within the market to extend its capabilities, broadening its scope of work and ability to perform well within the perf and wash market, raising success rates and assuring wash for post-job integrity.

The Northern Star Business Awards 2023 is to take place on the 28th of April next year. To win the award would validate the incredible work created by the team at Deep Casing Tools from the design and development of the tool to the support as we continue our journey to commercialisation. The win would increase awareness of the Rubblizer™ within the North-East as well as boosting Deep Casing Tools already reputable reputation within the area. The introduction of the Rubblizer™ tool displays the company’s clear commitment to the energy transition as we continue to help operators reduce emissions through predictability and efficiency across multiple operations worldwide.