As we approach the end of 2022, Deep Casing Tools would like to take the time to reflect on the year, share our company highlights.

2022 offered many highlights, from moving premises to securing new, long-term agreements and achieving the finalist stages of the Northern Star Business Awards 23’. We’ve outlined below what, in our opinion, have been our biggest achievements of the year.

Deep Casing Tools Success in the Middle East

In April this year Deep Casing Tools marked a milestone in the company’s development as they celebrated a decade of the provision of proven technologies to Saudi Arabia. Demand for our tools within the Middle East has been on the rise since 2012 following the continued success rates of our technologies. 2022 has been a particularly productive year within Saudi Arabia with record sales for our turbine powered reamer shoes, the TurboCaser™ and TurboRunner™ tools. High demand for these tools is set to continue across 2023.

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Following the celebration of Deep Casing Tools valuable presence within the Middle East, in June the company opened a new workshop within Saudi Arabia. This has allowed Deep Casing Tools to continue to service high-level demands with a facility that allows for in Kingdom manufacturing and tool assembly. In addition, the presence has cemented Deep Casing Tools commitment to not only Saudi Arabia but the whole of the Middle East as the company takes its first major step in their IKTVA (the in-Kingdom Total Value Add Program) objective.

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Expansion of business within the Middle East this year has resulted positively to the company’s sales initiative. The commercial team secured a new, long-term agreement with a national oil company within the United Arab Emirates. Deep Casing Tools continue to strengthen their connections within the Middle East, forming relationships with a reliable client base within the area, supporting their needs and delivering technologies that meet customers’ expectations across the well life cycle.  

Decommissioning this year has continued to be an important field for oil and gas operators, with companies investing significantly in technologies that will assist reduce time and cost of these essential operations. With this, an emerging interest in Deep Casing Tools Rubblizer™ technology has become apparent across the Middle East. Operators are beginning to recognise the benefits gained from using this unique technology in operation, helping operators reduce emissions on drilling and end of life projects through increased predictability and efficiency.

Move to New Premises

In September the company made the sound decision to move premises. Now located at Units 4 and 5 Enterprise Drive, Westhill Industrial Estate, Deep Casing Tools deliver the same outstanding service from a new location, now headquartered in Westhill, Aberdeen.

New office space with a larger workshop offers the opportunity for further growth and expansion. It has allowed the improvement of internal operations where Deep Casing Tools have the capacity to meet ongoing customer needs, catering to the high demands for our core suite of technologies.

Shortlisted as Finalists at the Northern Star Business Awards 2023

In October the shortlist for the Northern Star Business Awards 2023 were announced. Deep Casing Tools are proud to announce that the company was shortlisted under the category, “Inspiration from Innovation”. An honour to be shortlisted, the team’s application focused on the design and development of the Rubblizer™ tool. It detailed the positive impact company expansion into the decommissioning sector is having on the plug and abandonment and slot recovery market. The introduction of the Rubblizer™ tool within our suite of technologies displays the company’s clear commitment and action to help reduce emissions and reach a net zero target.

To be shortlisted for such an award validates the incredible work created by the team at Deep Casing Tools from the design and development of the tool to the support as we continue our journey to full commercialisation of the Rubblizer™.

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The Rubblizer™ Completes Four Commercial Runs

Since July this year, the revolutionary Rubblizer™ tool has successfully completed four runs within the Chinese offshore plug and abandonment and slot recovery market, saving the operator 456 hours rig time.

A major Chinese operator underwent a slot recovery project in June 2022. Rig operation limits on overpull and cement located behind casing made the attempt at pulling casing challenging. If the operator was unable to recover casing the contingency option was to pilot mill down to the required depth from surface. To avoid this the Rubblizer™ was mobilised. It was successfully used to break the cement sheath and bond, allowing longer sections of casing to be recovered whilst reducing the force required by 74% to recover these sections of casing.

Using the Rubblizer™ tool saved the operator 19 days rig time, completing the operations in a total of just 4 days compared to the 23 days it would have taken conventional pilot or section milling operations. As a result of such a significant time saving, using the innovative technology behind the tool also reduced emissions by 82%, emitting just 240MT CO2 compared to the 1,364MT CO2 that would have been emitted using conventional technology.

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The MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel Completed 16 Runs

Deep Casing Tools continue to build a diverse run history with the MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel completing 16 runs across the globe including deployment in Australia, UAE, India, Norway, Malaysia, and the UK this year.

In August the MechLOK™ underwent its first run within the UK. An exciting time for the team, the tool was shipped close to home for a North-Sea operator where it was utilised for the effective deployment of a lower sand screen within a complex horizontal well. Off the back of such a successful operation, the same North-Sea operator requested the assistance of the MechLOK™ for a second time and the 9-5/8” tool was deployed in October where it successfully appointed screens to target depth, meeting customer requirements.  

Whilst the 9-5/8” tool was busy in the UK, two 3-1/2” MechLOK™ tools were shipped to partners Eftech Drilling Solutions Kemaman Supply Base within Malaysia in November. The tools assisted a major international operator for the deployment of a lower 4-1/2” liner in a challenging horizontal section.  

Looking Ahead

The outlook in 2023 for Deep Casing Tools is already looking positive as we maintain strong relationships with existing global customers as well as create new ones. Our solid track record will remain as we continue to deliver simple, sustainable innovations worldwide, saving operators time, money, risk, and emissions across multiple operations.

If you would like to know more about our tools and services, contact Eoin Wood today on eoin@deepcasingtools.com or +44 (0) 7816 885809, discover what our technologies can do for you and your operations now and in the future.