Alasdair Gordon,  Product Line Manager – Abandonment and Recovery Systems.

What do you do at Deep Casing Tools and why would someone approach you for assistance?

At Deep Casing Tools, I am what is called the Product Line Manager for Abandonment and Recovery Systems. My role here is primarily dealing with product development, constructing a series of systems built around our tool, the Rubblizer™, to improve the recovery of casing to surface or to enhance the techniques used to abandon a reservoir section within a well. This is alongside the continual development and analysis work of the Rubblizer™ tool itself.

Someone would approach me if they had any queries regarding the Rubblizer. Whether that’s relating to its current tool sizes or what development work we’re currently undertaking to transform its functionality by integrating it into a one-trip system for Casing Recovery or Perf, Wash and Cementing operations. Or to understand how the tools interaction with casing downhole could aid in any FEED studies for Slot Recovery or P&A work undertaken by an operator.”  

What is one professional skill you are actively developing at Deep Casing Tools?

“As my role has a lot to do with collaboration and receiving assistance from other members of the DCT team as well as other service providers, communication is something that I feel I can always develop further.”

What has been your favourite project to date at Deep Casing Tools?

“My favourite yet most challenging project to date is the Rubblizer™ tools most recent field trial in the Asia Pacific region.

As part of our ongoing relationship with one of our Overseas Agents and due to certain travel restrictions to enter their country, we had to initiate a remote learning experience for servicing and maintaining the Rubblizer™. Due to time-zone differences and different working languages this was quite challenging. However once things got going and we could see progress being made, it was very rewarding to witness a mutual understanding in the field and we were able to convey specific technical details effectively.

I look forward to more upcoming projects with the Rubblizer™ soon, watch this space.”   

If you would like to know more about the Rubblizer™ tools most recent field trial, you can read the case study here.

What one item of valuable information have you learned in the previous month at Deep Casing Tools? 

“Well, being the new guy here at Deep Casing Tools, the most important thing I’ve learned in the last few months is how the Rubblizer™ tool operates and does what it needs to, in such a simple elegant way.”


If you would like to talk to Alasdair about the Rubblizer™ tool, contact him today on alasdair@deepcasingtools.com