10 Years in Saudi Arabia, Question-Answer with Kevin Robertson, Regional Manager ME

This quarter, Deep Casing Tools celebrate a decade of supplying proven technologies to Saudi Arabia. We spoke to Kevin Robertson, Regional Manager ME about his experience to date in the Middle East and how technologies from Deep Casing Tools have benefited well operations within the region.

Deep Casing Tools have supplied innovative technologies to Saudi Arabia for 10 years, how does it feel to be part of that?

“It’s a fantastic milestone for a small, private company with less than 20 people. Such a great feeling to know your part of a company that is dedicated to helping operators around the globe drill more successful wells with increased efficiencies. Deep Casing Tools is a company that is trusted within the energy sector and our track record proves this, to date we have sold more than 600 tools worldwide to over 40 global customers, with a near perfect installation success rate.”

Tell us more about your role in the Middle East.

“Primarily my role is to increase exposure of the Deep Casing Tools name amongst operators within the Middle East, sharing details and benefits of our technologies and their track record to maximise sales and services within the region. I also assist clients on their operations.”

Tell us more about the operations that take place in the Middle East.

“The Middle East is by far the busiest market in the world right now. Rig and well counts continue to grow at a rapid pace as we edge closer to the second half of 2022. Industry forecasts show that this increasing trend is set to continue within the Middle East in 2023. Such growth secures the area as a stable target market for Deep Casing Tools technologies, with some very big news of expansion into the region, coming soon.”  

What Deep Casing Tools technologies are in high demand for the area?

“Without doubt our Turbine Reamer Shoes, the TurboCaser and TurboRunner, remain the hottest tools in the Middle East. These innovative tools continue to produce remarkable success stories as they meet client demands, reaching deeper and longer target depths. For example, in one case, a client removed an entire wiper trip with ease using our TurboCaser™, saving seven days equating to a cost saving of over $1M*.”

*Click here to read more about this case study.

Why are Deep Casing Tools TurboCasers and TurboRunners in such high demand?

“The region is notorious for geological formation challenges, with that, our Turbines have proven key, reaming past problematic formations easily and efficiently, reaching planned target depths across multiple projects.

Looking ahead, as we see new regulations and an increase in demand for P&A & Slot Recovery work, we have generated enormous interest in our Rubblizer™, this is one I’m personally excited about. I believe this is a true game changer in the Middle East market and I look forward to receiving this unique technology here in the region, the tool will benefit our customers hugely, helping operators reduce time, cost as well as CO2 emissions.”