North America



Objectives: Download PDF

Run 177.8mm casing to intermediate TD in the Pine Creek field of Northern Alberta
Cement the casing through the Turbocaser™ Express and drill out with 156mm PDC bit

Well Background & Challenges:

Field has sloughing coal issues through the build section of the well
Backreaming and sticky hole while POOH


Well #1 – Reamed 273M to TD
Well #2 – Reamed 57M to TD
Landed casing at TD and cemented as per program in both cases
Turbocaser drilled out with PDC in less than 15 minutes on both wells

Value to client:

Intermediate casing to TD first time
Allows laterals to be drilled as planned
No NPT cost incurred
No tools need to be retrieved prior to cementing
Minimal drill out time
Proven technology for field development and future projects