Objectives: Download PDF

Run 7” production liner in 9 ½” hole at the first attempt to 17,000+’ TD @ 90° in Gullfaks unstable zones
Cement as per program

Well Background & Challenges:

Offset wells experienced hole instability
Risk Register – unable to run 7” to TD due to washed out, unstable shales, and sandstone ledges
Two failed attempts to run 7” in original bore
Deployment well was 7,500’ sidetrack, mostly 90°
Unstable shales, coals and paleosoils
Heavy back-reaming required on POOH before liner


7” liner held up 40K lbs 4,100’ off-bottom
Unable to rotate/slide – activated 7” Turbocaser Express
Reamed total of 4,100’ in 21 hours @195’/hr avg
Cemented successfully

Value to client:

In the planning phase the 7” Tubocaser Express’ rapid full bore drill out capability allowed the team a contingency to still access the remaining exposed reservoir in 6” hole even if the liner had not reached TD
Completion Liner to TD first time, no rathole
No financial requirement to draw on Project Reserves
Allowed completions phase to start on schedule
Proved technology in Norwegian lithology